About Us

About AMQ Advisory

AMQ Advisory (Proprietary) Limited is a proudly South African, black woman-owned management consulting firm, supporting traditional and under-serviced segments (e.g. SMMEs) of the region’s most impactful sectors. We help our clients address their most pressing strategic, operational, and technical challenges by offering world-class solutions.

Our approach is structured, fit-for-purpose and efficient, enabling effective decision making and project execution. Moreover, we work collaboratively with our clients to facilitate skills transfer, thereby empowering clients, and sustaining results even after we have left.

Our Core Values

AMQ Advisory espouses seven core values, which drive our behaviours:

Ubuntu - I Am Because We Are

African philosophy

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to be a leading, black-owned management consulting firm that transforms the face of the local management consulting sector.

Our mission is to provide transformative, highly impactful and sustainable solutions that drive economic development and enable social upliftment in the environments in which we operate by:

Our Team

Our team has vast experience based on their backgrounds in management consulting across several continents.

Dr. Athi Msutu

Managing Director

Dr. Athi Msutu

Dr Athi Msutu is a co-founder and Managing Director at AMQ Advisory.

Born and raised in the Eastern Cape, Dr Msutu decided to pursue a BSc degree at the University of Cape Town (UCT). It is at UCT that she obtained her PhD degree in Organic Chemistry.

Her strategy consulting experience comes from a five-year tenure at a top-tier global management consulting firm (A.T. Kearney). Her expertise are focused on process optimisation, transformation, supply chain management (procurement) and revenue optimisation across a number of industries.

She has supported top management clients in Africa, Europe and the Middle East across several industries, including: Chemicals, Oil and Gas, Aviation, Consumer Goods and Government.

Mr. Washington Mudenha

Mr. Washington Mudenha is a co-founder and Associated Director at AMQ Advisory.

Born and raised in the Zimbabwe, Mr. Mudenha completed his Mechanical Engineering degree at the University of Cape Town (UCT).

He has eight-years combined industry and management consulting experience across multiple continents and industries on a wide range of topics including strategy development and implementation, transformation, inventory optimisation, operating model, CVM, customer experience, supply chain, organisation redesign & supply chain management.

Mr. Washington Mudenha

Associated Director

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